How laser-cut metal decorates your home

Did you hold magnifying glass perpendicular to the sun rays while focusing it on a leaf when you were young? What happened to the leaf? If it burst into flames then you already know what laser cut technology is all about. 

As the technology advances every minute, using machines like CNC, fabricators can melt or vaporize materials such as stainless steel and aluminium by channelling compressed gas and a focused laser beam into a plotted pattern to create a custom design for everything from fences to other intricate items. With the aid of laser cutting technology, here is an array of décor possibilities that can add value to your home.

In the recent past, both interior and exterior designers have capitalized on the use of a unique screen to serve as partitions between indoor and outdoor room spaces. Presumably made of anodized metal (usually an aluminium alloy whose oxide layer has been powder coated to protect it from harsh weather conditions and other abrading agents, this geometric screen cast shadows that give the effect of elaborate floor tiles.

Laser Cut privacy screen

Appealing windows

Since its introduction, Laser-cut metal windows have proved to make a formidable outdoor window blend. With contemporary home designs taking sway, especially those with vast window walls, Laser-cut screens not only filter in light but preserve privacy because, first of all, the peeping eyes of passersby instantly stop on the intricate and stunning design instead of shifting focus to the inside part of the house. Secondly, they are not as easy to see through as uncovered windows.

Garden glow 

Looking for a way to adding pattern and texture to your outdoor living room as a way of dressing up that dead backyard space under the deck lest it becomes a junkyard of outgrown playground equipment and watercraft,  then it is time to illuminate your outdoor laser cut screens. When illuminated, they surely set a magical mood in the garden or a patio.

Precision steps

Have you ever thought of doing something interesting and unique with your stair railings and risers? Then nothing gives you gratification like laser-cut metal. The precision that can be achieved with laser cutting means that it is possible to have a metal sheet punched into the most exacting specs, like those that govern stair construction.

Perfect for pergolas

Are you a newbie gardener with grand dreams of a lush-leafed pergola? You do not have to have a green thumb to enjoy a foliage-covered canopy shading your seedlings. All you need is a laser-cut patio topper that looks enchanting on its own with little cutouts that will give vines an excellent foothold if you do choose to layer in some climbers.

Wallpaper alternative

The laser-cut screens do not necessarily screen anything at all, it is not filtering light, providing privacy nor scaffolding climbing plants on their upbound trek. What it does achieve is a stunning, tactile wallpaper and a designerly backdrop to tropical plants that might not have otherwise had the height to make much of a statement.

For unmatched beauty in your home, always powder coat coat your laser cut metal. When powder coated, metals last longer even when exposed to harsh weather conditions. Powder coating also comes in a wide range of colours, textures and gloss based on the customer preferences and tastes.

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