How custom engineering helps in development of new products

The process of developing a new product and making sure that it finds a place in the market has never been an easy task but has since proved to be the best way of coming up with incredible products.

It is not easy in the sense that more parts which in most cases are complicated are involved thus posing more risks.  This, however, calls for expertise especially when it comes to your electrical wiring product’s system.

Here is how working with experts that offers custom engineering will improve your electrical products with an efficient development process tailored to meet your needs, tastes preferences.

From conductor gauges to connector angles, wraps and shields, every detail of a custom-engineered cable assembly and management system is created based on the exact specifications of your application, resulting in the best solution compatible with your product.

Absolute compatibility guarantees safety and optimal performance. For example, if your product will be placed in a place experiencing harsh environmental conditions, such as chemicals, high heat, weather or mechanical distress, custom-engineered products allow for electrical components using resistive overmolding materials to improve lifespan, performance and reliability.

If space is a concern, custom-engineered products can create micro-solutions or adjust the shapes, sizes and angles of your electrical configuration to fit perfectly inside your housing unit.

Complex cable assemblies are practically asking for installation issues, the likes of which can be inconvenient and costly, if not downright dangerous. From recommending solutions like condensing wiring systems down, single connection, a custom cable engineer will look for ways to simplifying your electrical product’s components to increase assembly speed, decrease production cycles, and reduce the risk of human error. When all wiring components are housed neatly together, routine maintenance is less cumbersome, and troubleshooting can be done with less time and effort.

Customized cable assemblies can be branded and stylized to perfectly blend with existing product aesthetics. Choose from virtually any jacketing colour and incorporate your brand logo.

Nobody wants to open up a new product only to find a tangled mess of wires. The comprehensiveness of your product’s electrical setup bears a heavy influence on the overall customer experience. Electrical failures or confusing installations will undoubtedly result in customer complaints and high customer call volumes, while straightforward setups will save customer-support staff time, increase customer satisfaction, and improve your product rating.

Collectively, working with a custom cable and connector engineer amount comes with an array of advantages that streamlines processes and increase product performance and value. Over time, these benefits save time, add to your business’s bottom line, and will help fortify your reputation in the market.

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